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Your path to a successful property sale – and how to secure a gold vreneli!

Discover how Kovacs Experience guides you step by step to a successful real estate sale and how you can earn a gold vreneli worth CHF 366 (as of 07.06.2023) through our exclusive referral campaign.

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In the complex world of property sales, having a competent and reliable partner at your side is invaluable. At Kovacs Experience we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a holistic service.

Recommend us to others and secure yourself a Goldvreneli!

Yes, you heard right! If you successfully recommend us to friends, family or colleagues who want to sell a property, we will give you a gold vreneli worth CHF 366 as a token of our appreciation (as of 07.06.2023).

Our 4-step process to a successful real estate sale

Step 1: Free evaluation

Before you plan to sell, it is crucial to know how much your property is worth. We offer a free online valuation that allows you to find out the value of your property in just 3 minutes. Once you know the value, we will contact you to arrange a valuation appointment.

Step 2: High-quality sales dossier and photo shoot

Pictures say more than a thousand words. That's why we create a professional sales dossier and carry out a photo shoot of your property to present it in the best light.

Step 3: Conduct viewings and find buyers

The right presentation and a qualified audience are crucial for the successful sale of your property. We coordinate and conduct viewings to find the ideal buyer for you.

Step 4: Accompaniment up to the notary ... and beyond!

Once the buyer has been found, we will guide you through all the necessary steps, from signing the contract to handing over the keys. And our service does not end there: We also take care of the settlement of the property gains tax and are at your disposal for financing and insurance questions.



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